September NEAWP Meeting

Every wedding and event vendor wants to understand how we can provide more value to our clients for their ancillary events, and Cindy Lo of Red Velvet Events shared her knowledge and created an open dialogue with all of the September meeting attendees at TopGolf Austin.  She offered up a great book to check out:  Predictably Irrational

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She discussed taking that first 10-15 minute call with a potential client, the questions she asks during the initial call, and why she offers three package proposals for each client.  Making that initial connection is important to getting the booking, but you also do not want to spend an hour on the phone with a potential client in the first phone call, only to find out that they are really price shopping.  When you have an idea of what the client needs and whether they are a good fit for you, it is time for three proposals.  When you create proposals, take into consideration the length of planning time before the event and the size of the group before setting your price points.  The smallest package will be the bare bones of the services that they need.  The second package provides all of the services that you believe will best benefit them, and the largest package is EVERYTHING they could ever want.

After you get a new booking, ask your clients who is taking care of the rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, honeymoon planning, transportation, stationery, photography, lighting, etc.  There are often areas where they still need assistance, but they had not necessarily thought to ask you or know that you can provide services for those events.

Cindy also shared how she does her pricing, what that means in regards to how vendor relationships need to be handled, and what disclosures are in her contract for being an Official Texas Reseller.  Are you charging a flat fee, or a fee plus a percentage of the total cost of the event, or some other variation?  If you are charging a percentage of the overall wedding, how are you handling payments and taxes.  There are some very specific items that you need to be aware of when it comes to the tax laws as a reseller (for example: reselling transportation vs. reselling a wine tour with a transportation company.)

If you do NOT get a booking, reach back out and ask very brief yes/no questions to find out why.  Was it our price? Did we not communicate enough? Is there anything we could have done different to win your business?  Would you mind telling me who we lost your business to?

TopGolf treated us to House Salad with champagne vinaigrette, Grilled Chicken with Citrus Buerre Blanc Sauce, and Roasted Garlic Potatoes.  The Cupcake Bar indulged the sweet tooth in all of us with their to-die-for cupcakes.  Premiere Events provided the gorgeous dupioni and matte silk linens.  Floral Engagement created 4 beautiful orchid centerpieces.  Scripted Ever Afterdesigned the e-mail invite, printed menus, and custom cut acrylic stands. The Fairy Godmothers Weddings & Events hosted the September meeting, and Walden Family Portraits was the wonderful photographer.

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