NEAWP July Meeting Recap

Even though it may be clichéd to say after the happy bride and groom
exit the wedding reception, the cake is eaten, and the flowers have
wilted, all you have left are the pictures, but the saying is still
true.  That’s why wedding photographers take their responsibility to
capture the entire day and all the details that the bride has spent so
much time and money on so seriously.  As it sometimes happens on a
wedding day, situations arise that prevent the photographer from
getting the best shots possible, such as the ceremony decor not being
set up until just before the start of the ceremony or no time written
into the timeline to photograph the reception ballroom before the
guests enter in.

So for our July 1 NEAWP meeting at the Driskill, a wedding
photographer panel was convened to talk about what photographers and
other vendors can do before, during, and after the wedding to work
together to get the best pictures possible for the couple and to
promote everyone’s businesses.

Our photographer panel consisted of Christina Gagnon with Rebel with a
Camera – our moderator and meeting planner, Andy Sams with Andy Sams
Photography, and Rachael Hall with Rachael Hall Weddings, who all
encouraged lots of questions from the attendees.  Some issues they
discussed were facilitating more communication between the
photographer and the other vendors before the wedding especially
regarding the timeline.  Making sure decor is set up before a “photo
ready” time well before the start of the ceremony and giving the
photographer enough time for portraits were both encouraged.  Special
appreciation was given to planners who include all the vendors and
their contact information on the timeline they send out before the
wedding.  Having a complete list of the vendors makes it much easier
for  the photographer to send images to them after the wedding and for
submitting the wedding for publication.  Many photographers are happy
to share images with vendors after a wedding, but it does take time
and effort.  When it is not appreciated or credit is not given when
the images are used, photographers may get a little “crusty” and not
be so willing to share images free of charge the next time.  One last
bit of advice was that planners are probably much better at writing a
description of a wedding they planned than the photographers, and a
good write up probably means a better shot at publication.  Given the
lively discussion and audience participation, we think everyone
benefited from the dialogue.

Scott Ertresvaag and his very talented team at the Driskill put on a
fabulous lunch of local greens, balsalmic glazed chicken, candied
pecans, caramelized onions, figs, Cambozola cheese and herb
vinaigrette as well as a gorgeous dessert display with almond amaretti
cookies, raspberry rooibos crème brûlée, s’more éclairs, and lime
fruit tarts with meringue.  Trisha Bennett with Visual Lyrics Floral
Artistry created the unique and sumptuous centerpieces complete with
succulents, apples, and even turnips.  She also spoke on the panel
giving the vendor’s point of view.  A very big thanks goes to Jamie
with Scripted Ever After for designing our email invites and to
Michael and his team at Intelligent Lighting and Design who provided
AV services.

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