May NEAWP Meeting Recap

We had a little trip to the tropical jungles of Central America on Wednesday, May 6. “Toucan” table overlays set the theme for the May meeting. Linens, tableware, bamboo chairs, and the screes were all from Premiere Events, and they set the theme perfectly. Centerpieces were tall cylinders, enhanced with a split leaf philodendron leaf attached with copper filigree wire and a fresh bird-of-paradise in each one. At the bottom of each vase was a feather base, some were green and some blue, picking up the parrots and other tropical birds in the overlays. Behind buffet table was a hanging floral art piece, which featured birds-of-paradise, heliconia, dendrobium orchids and a single giant Midori anthurium. These designs, by Kathi Thomas Design showed how to enhance the bright print overlays without over-doing it.

The menu featured food with a Latin flair from Circle C Café & Catering and was delish! The cake, designed by cake artist Christy Seguin, Cakes ROCK!!!, was a huge hit. Incredibly life-like birds-of-paradise adorned the cake, as did an almost life-sized toucan that matched the ones in the tablecloth overlays. Besides looking great, it tasted incredible, too. One layer was her gluten-free, allergen-free chocolate cake with bananas foster filling and the other layer was her original recipe “Hawaiian Crème.” Both were delicious!

Menu cards, designed by Scripted Ever After listed the menu. She also designed the invitation that was emailed out. Did we mention that Jamie was working on these immediately before and after giving birth? That’s dedication!

Well-known sports photographer Elizabeth Kreutz showed off her photojournalistic wedding skills- she’s not just for sports anymore! Check out all her photos- they really captured the mood.

After lunch, we entered the sanctuary of Central Presbyterian Church to hear “More than ‘Here Comes the Bride’- Music for Church Weddings.” Soloists in America, Migel Gamboa, violin & Heitor Saucedo, cello, played first with Kathi Thomas speaking about less common music for family and attendants’ processional, and why some music is or isn’t appropriate for church weddings, followed by Scot McNulty, Organist, University Presbyterian Church, Coordinator of Chapel Music, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Adjunct Professor, the Art Institute of Austin. Scott played some jaw-dropping pieces for wedding coordinators to consider encouraging their couples to use, to give their weddings a more original “just theirs” feel.

Central Presbyterian is one of the few downtown church that allows nonmember weddings. As long as at least one of the couple is Christian, they may use CPC for their wedding. Because CPC has a wedding director program, it allows independent wedding coordinators to focus on their brides, rather than on the details of getting everyone down the aisle.

Door prizes were donated by PinkBerry and Kathi Thomas Design, and Veronica had one from last month that didn’t get given out, so one lucky attendee won a night’s stay in a nice hotel!

Comments about the meeting included “MANY thanks for speaking to the group today – I was debating whether or not to miss (work is *almost* more than I can manage this season), but hearing the beautiful music and listening to the guidance y’all gave was definitely the pick-me-up I needed!”

Thanks to Elizabeth Kreutz, Scripted Ever After, Premiere Events, Cakes ROCK!!!, Central Presbyterian Church, Circle C Café & Catering, Kathi Thomas Design, Soloists in America and Scott McNulty for a special afternoon!


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