NEAWP Member Spotlight – Mona Lisa Brock of Travassa

What is your name? Mona-Lisa Brock

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What is your company’s name? Travaasa Experiential Resort

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Any special meaning to the name? Travaasa is a combination of the words “Travel” and “Pravasa”, which is sankrit for “memorable journey”.

How many years have you been in business? Travaasa has been around for 3 1/2 years. I have been in Hospitality for 20 years.

What type of services do you offer? Group team building, full day spa, meetings, weddings, onsite catering, and guest rooms.


What brought you to Central Texas? My mother asked me to move down from New York to be closer to her.

What attracted you most to the field you are in? It was a total fluke how I got into Hospitality. I was working as a cashier in a grocery store in Houston when a customer told me that she always loved coming to my line, that I was always so pleasant, quick, helpful, and that I should apply for a job at the Hilton where she just got hired.


Any special skills that help you excel? My ability to really talk and make people feel comfortable to either have a laugh, or feel their true emotions. When working with guests or a sales client, that helps me to be more relatable therefore trusted.

What is your style? We are an experiential resort, a Preferred boutique property.
Do you have specialties? We offer farm-to-table cuisine, sourced from either our own farm or other local farmers within the Austin area. We are also well-known for a our onsite team building activities, full day spa services, our infinity edge pool, and views of Lake Travis.

What sets you apart from your competition? Our activities and team building options. With the number of classes that we offer, our guests have the opportunity to make their stay as adventurous or relaxing as they would like. You can have intriguing interactions with other guests, or complete solitude and serenity within the Balcones Nature Preserve.

Please tell us a funny or interesting story from your days in the wedding industry. I was about to go on maternity leave, and I had been working with a couple who’s wedding would occur during my absence. Near the end of their negotiations, they were trying to get a lot of last minute discounts that were just a bit outrageous. During my absence, in an effort to still get “free” items and services, they claimed that I made certain promises and since they weren’t fulfilled they wanted to be compensated. They also made efforts to try and get me reprimanded by my superior to further their plea of how unsatisfied they were. Upon my return, my Director told me all that happened, and I of course denied their claims but my work ethic spoke volumes, and so she believed me over them. Fast forward to 2 years later, while driving on Research Blvd. I witnessed a car accident so I pulled off to see if I could be of any help. When I approached the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident, she was very distraught, crying, and in awe of the fact that she could’ve killed someone. I offered to call someone for her, so she asked me to dial her husband. She later asked me “Why do you look familiar?” I told her my name, she told me hers, and I realized that she was the same bride that lied about me to try and get me fired. I felt like Karma stepped in that day to show her to never cross people. They may be there later in life to step in, and lend you a helping hand.

How do you like to spend your time while “off the clock”? Playing with my daughters. It’s probably a bit cliché but spending those precious moments with my family mean so much more to me than anything.

Name one thing that others might be surprised to know about you. There was a point in my life that I auditioned to be a stripper.

Do you have a website or something similar that you would like to promote?




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