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Well, Facebook went public (did I miss something or don’t they already have 900 million on board?) with their IPO on the Nasdaq Friday.  Albeit it’s not moving like the high-speed train we all assumed based on the buildup, so many are already jumping the gun and creating their negative opinions.  I think my favorite is ‘Face-bomb’ as seen on Twitter and a CNBC headlineBut where does that leave Facebook in the social media landscape? 

It was 8 years and a couple of months ago when ‘The Facebook’ launched to universities slowly across the country.  Then a high school version (much to the uproar of university students) was created.  Then it was a public offering to anyone over 13 and with an email (again, much to the uproar of current users).  It would seem like every time we get use to something, Mark goes and changes the technology and there is backlash and uproar that tends to fall out of fashion fairly quickly.  And if I’m not mistaken, the uproar doesn’t change the fact Facebook is doing what it wants.  Some things they have integrated, we love, we use, and they make things easy.  And as a privately (formerly) held company, they had their right to do so, and we as users didn’t sign off.  Instead more and more time is spent on Facebook.

OK, enough lessons for the day.  Could Facebook’s IPO be the start of the end?  Are some of these thoughts and opinions about ‘Face-bomb’ going to stand up?  While they are fair enough questions, let’s look at the bigger question – Why do we use Facebook?

I will admit I was one of those very early adapters to Facebook The original layout of Facebookand maybe I’ll just have to throw a little party to celebrate 8 years strong.  I use it for so many reasons and its part of my every day interactions.  Personally, I have no reason to see it go away.  I’m perfectly content with its growth, change, and prospects of the future (for technology in general).  I am able to keep up with Family and Friends across the world.  I get to see my little cousins grow up (in real time).  And my Family and Friends get to keep up with me and my adventures.  I interact professionally, personally, and privately on the platform with a range of ‘friends’.  Technology has brought us closer together, and I’ll be the first to admit that we still need in-person interactions (and I get plenty!) and they are vital to our health and sanity.  So why not a quick Facebook Chat or video chat with a long distance friend…sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

So for those of you out there that may be skeptical about Facebook with their IPO release and think it’s the start of the end of this social media platform here’s my question to you; Where are those 900 million (and growing) users going to go for the same information?  What’s the next Facebook?  Do you know about a social platform out there that I don’t?

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