NEAWP Member Spotlight – Jill Dalley of Musical Discovery Chamber Players

What is your name? Jill Dalley

Jill Dalley with violin

What is your company’s name? Any special meaning to the name? Musical Discovery Chamber Players. We decided on this descriptive name as it characterizes us. We are comprised of small string groups who love to discover new music.

How many years have you been in business? Ten

What type of services do you offer? We offer string ensembles for special events. Our staff can be one, two, three or four or more musicians. We have a full range of string musicians as well as trumpets, pianists, harps, guitarist. We can even find you the perfect fiddler with a mandolin for the rustic weddings.


What brought you to Central Texas? My husband and I have always wanted to live in or near Austin. He was born in Austin and lived here several years. His mother’s family is from this area, so we have lots of family history here. But mainly, love the hill country and its treasures.

What attracted you most to the field you are in? Any special skills that help you excel? The wedding industry was the perfect way to combine my business skills with my musical training. I’ve worked in the business world all of my career and have keep my violin commitments on the side. But once we moved to Drippin, I committed myself to music full time. I have played the violin since I was seven. My father was a violinist and so was my sister. Music is my passion, business is strength.

What is your style? Do you have specialties? We offer all of the classics which everyone loves to hear, but we have fantastic arrangers to write out the popular tunes you hear on the radio but for our string groups. It is so fun to be playing Moon River or All You Need is Love and see how the music connects with the wedding guests. Even without words, the music we play brings tears of love, memories and passion to our brides (and their moms).


What sets you apart from your competition? This is my business which I work full time. My business background prior to Musical Discovery has been focused on customer service. I take care of my clients. Building a relationship with my clients and providing music for their wedding is what I take great pride in.

Trio plus trumpet , Sledd Photography 09 10 11

Please tell us a funny or interesting story from your days in the wedding industry. There are so many right? Several come to mind – the vision of the bride walking up the aisle and her gown falling below her bra is one I’ll never forget. Or the bride who surprised her groom with a special arrangement of music for her to walk down the aisle, which made him cry. Maybe it was when we played all the processional pieces, then packed up our instruments as quickly as possible as the rain poured down!

How do you like to spend your time while “off the clock”? I love to be with our family. I love being outside – walking, biking or gardening. I also enjoy needlework.

Name one thing that others might be surprised to know about you. I was a competitive runner.

Do you have a website or something similar that you would like to promote? Please visit our website, to hear about our services, hear some music files and also see our upcoming performances.


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