NEAWP Member Spotlight : Sean Leahy of Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures

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What is your name?

Sean Leahy

What is your company’s name? Any special meaning to the name?

Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures- I just wanted to portray that we can do anything with ice sculptures. Small, large, precise, ethereal, functional, decorative, we offer the full spectrum.

How many years have you been in business?

I opened Full Spectrum Ice in November of 2010. We are just about to start our fourth year!

What type of services do you offer?

We work with clients on developing and bringing their visions to life in ice. Our products include:

craft ice cubes (for specialty drinks)                               sorbet dishes

cold food displays                                                               Drink luges and bottle displays

Hanging ice and other large installations                       Weddings and other life events

Holiday celebrations and buffets                                     Branding for Corporate events

What brought you to Central Texas?

In addition to serving as 2nd VP of the Board of Directors for the National Ice Carvers Association ( I am a NICA certified Professional Sculptor and certified Ice Educator

When I was looking into starting my business I cross referenced fastest growing cities and cities without NICA certified sculptors. Meanwhile, my parents took their own opportunity to move to San Antonio and Austin became the most appealing of the cities on the list! My shop is centrally located in San Marcos near Texas State, so I am able to service both great cities, the Hill Country and all the fun places in between. I love the vibrancy of the growth of Austin and the tradition in San Antonio. The Hill Country is really beautiful too! I have really enjoyed my time here and look forward to everything it has to offer!

What attracted you most to the field you are in? Any special skills that help you excel?

I have an art background, with a BA in Studio Art from Webster University. This has helped me develop my ability to conceptualize ideas and use creativity to create more dynamic ice sculptures that add a wow factor to any event.

I love ice as a medium! It’s cold, you use power tools, it melts, you can drink or eat off of it, what’s not to like?! I get a ton of satisfaction from creating different designs based on the clients’ needs and bringing it to life. I get to do something I love and contribute to bigger picture productions with other creative and passionate people!

What is your style? Do you have specialties?

I really take pride in my functional pieces and more sculptural work. I would say that my favorites are the ice bars. These are great because of the impact they have on a room. They are versatile and can be either for drinks or food, while being tailored to fit any theme or look. And with functional displays like bars, luges, and seafood displays, it creates an interactive experience for the guests that are unique and memorable.

Style wise, I am usually a pretty symmetrical guy. I like balance and continuity. I like to feature a focal point and incorporate other design elements from the logo or inspiration into the textures and supports.

What sets you apart from your competition?

There are a few things that I do well and feel are important: communication, design, value and execution. Because most clients don’t have a ton of experience ordering ice sculptures, when they call or email, there are always a lot of questions and concerns. I enjoy educating and coming up with solutions to people’s ideas! This is where the creativity flows, coming up with a variety of options that fit the party’s overall design and budget needs. I personally love to use emails to communicate by SHOWING what the ice will look like and how it will function. I always provide designs in the form of    to-scale drawings so there is never any guess as to expectations. And of course the final product is what it’s all about. The devil is in the details…

Also this:

NEAWP Vendor of the Year 2012

ISES Austin Luxury Vendor of the Year 2013

ISES Austin Rising Star 2013

NICA Certified Professional

NICA Certified Educator

Please tell us a funny or interesting story from your days in the wedding industry.

When I was in college I used to be a bartender at a venue that hosted a lot of weddings. One evening I was making a last call, before dinner, apple martini for a lovely young lady. After dazzling with my Apple Pucker and rail vodka with a splash of lemon lime sour mixology, I was having trouble separating the glass from the shaker. Getting my smooth game on I said something like “I hope I’m not wearing this in a second, ha ha…” With a wink and a smile ;) I then knocked the glass a bit too hard and sliced my hand when it broke. I ran away and cried on the kitchen floor until my buddy drove me to get stitches… GAME OVER!

How do you like to spend your time while “off the clock”?

I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan! Love watching games and pretending to be the team’s manager and GM and owner that would make them unbeatable. (LOL, sorry about that…) I also have a lovely wife and daughter that I am fortunate to keep me busy!

Name one thing that others might be surprised to know about you.

I used to play water polo in high school. It is a lot of fun, but I am wildly out of shape to try playing right now.

Do you have a website or something similar that you would like to promote?

Here are some links to my work; I would love y’all to follow Full Spectrum Ice! Check out our latest sculptures, let us know what you like and get inspired to “Think outside the blocks”.                                           

@fullspectrumice (Twitter)                                           Full_spectrum_ice (Instagram)                               

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