NEAWP Member Spotlight: Abigail Turner of Premiere Party Central

Your Name: Abigail Turner (but everyone calls me Abbey)

Your Company Name: Premiere Party Central

Services Offered: We offer a wide variety of rental items, from the tent over your head to the dance floor under your feet and everything in between!

Been in Business Since:  2000 (but I joined the team in 2013)

What brought you to Austin or stay in Austin? I came to Austin in 2008 to pursue a PhD in Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology. When, after five years of training, I decided academia was not for me, I decided to stay in this vibrant, exciting city and start a new life in the events industry!

What made you decide to go into the field you are in?  

I had a bit of experience planning conferences and hosting speakers in my graduate program, and I loved working with people to create successful and well-executed events. Also, my mother is a judge and has performed hundreds of marriages for people in our small town in southern Oregon, so I grew up around weddings. I knew that I wanted to help make people happy and utilize my creativity in the process, so the events industry seemed like the perfect fit.

What do you love most about what you do?  

The satisfaction of getting something just right for a client and surprising him or her with how painless the process can be is so rewarding. Many people seem to expect even more stress to accompany the planning process than often actually does, and I enjoy alleviating as much of that stress as possible. While rentals comprise just one aspect of planning the perfect event, few weddings, anniversary parties and bar mitzvahs could happen without them so it makes me happy to help our clients find just what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Can you describe your style?

 I think my style is still developing! But I’ll be the first to admit that I just love everything vintage, country, eclectic and shabby-chic. That being said, I also adore all the bold, bright colors that are so popular this year. I try to adopt and truly understand my clients’ styles as they describe how they imagine their event looking…perhaps I try to be a bit of a chameleon in that way.

What are your specialties?   

I’m quite adept at – and actually kind of enjoy – working with stressed clients; I’m a problem solver and derive great satisfaction from figuring out ways around issues. I also love adapting current trends to clients’ visions to allow them to make the event visually unique and their own. Ultimately, however, I’m a people person and have a great deal of experience working with many different types of people in a diverse range of environments.

Any funny stories from your time in the wedding industry?

So far my coworkers make me laugh more than the clients – I’m very fortunate to work with some really stellar people. Just ask Kelly Crum sometime how she feels about grapefruits. But there are certainly moments when I just have to smile about mothers of the brides, slightly clueless but adorable grooms, extravagant but beautiful one-year-old birthday parties etc etc. I’m sure I’ll rack up some good ones as time goes on!

Is there anything else you would like the NEAWP members to know about you? 

My favorite thing in the world is travelling and exploring new cultures and cuisines – it’s the one big thing I miss about archaeology. I’ve spent five summers in Greece, a year in Athens, and three summers in Jordan exploring and discovering very old objects. But don’t tell me I’m like Indiana Jones! I am a devoted, unconditional Bears fan (California Golden, not Chicago!) and am slightly obsessed with the Greenbay Packers and NFL football. I love riding horses, scuba diving, cooking, sampling new and creative foods and drinks and having adventures with my friends and family. I’m extremely loyal and fiercely independent and I’ll do anything to make my loved ones happy. I thrive in the heat and could easily live in the water and I love my cowboy boots and country music!


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