NEAWP Member Spotlight – Crissalane Discher of Disch Events

Your Name: Crissalane Discher

Your Company Name: Disch Events/Blue Rock Estate

Services Offered: Wedding planning, coordination giant inflatable ball australia, floral, lighting and venue

Been in Business Since:  2010

What brought you to Austin or stay in Austin?  I came here for graduate school at UT, then I met my husband and never left.

What made you decide to go into the field you are in?  

I have always loved planning and coordinating events, however, I never considered it for a career. When I finished graduate school with my masters in creative advertising and starting working for IBM, I began trying to figure out a way to merge my creative skills with my business skills. Wedding planning has been a fabulous fit with the creativity coming in the décor, floral and lighting as well as all the details that make the events a true reflection of the client. My undergraduate degree in business from SMU has really been helping in starting and managing my own company. It just seemed like the perfect mesh of my two backgrounds.

What do you love most about what you do?  My clients. I love meeting new couples and turning their vision into a reality. I also love taking the pressure off of them so they can focus on what’s really important- the marriage. My husband and I are blessed to work together, and we both feel called to wedding planning & marriage as a place where we can serve others so that they can continue to grow together during the engagement process.

Can you describe your style? My style doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I understand my client’s style and desires and execute accordingly. If I had to choose a style, I would say it would be calming. My clients tell me all the time that I have a soothing presence that calms them, even in stressful situations. That’s always one of the biggest compliments a coordinator can receive. I am always reminding myself to be like a duck – calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath.

What are your specialties?   Truly understanding my client’s desires. Sometimes my clients have a hard time explaining what they want their wedding to be like. Fortunately I have harnessed this challenge by giving them a unique array of questions that helps me not only understand what they want for their event, but what they are all about. I strive to get to know them, at their core, so that their event is a true reflection of them. Sometimes they don’t even know what they like, but if I can understand them as a couple, I can usually hit the nail on the head.

Any funny stories from your time in the wedding industry?

One of my staff members went to move her car before a wedding and she saw the father of the groom getting out of his car and starting up a conversation with the father of the bride. As she approached she noticed something hanging from his behind. She tried to remove the item without the father of the groom noticing, however, when she reached for it she realized it was a lent roller. Not a lent sheet, the ENTIRE lent roller was stuck to his bum. Unfortunately he caught her in the act, embarrassing him, herself and the father of the bride as she explained that she was trying to remove the item from his behind without him noticing.

Is there anything else you would like the NEAWP members to know about you? 

We began as event coordinators, however, over the years we have expanded our services to include floral and lighting. All of our services are different entities and are booked separately. Our floral rates are fractional to those of traditional florists as we only purchase the blooms for the event. We have much less overhead and staff, which is reflected in our pricing. We were noticing that many of our clients were having to cut lighting out of their events because they just didn’t have the budget for it. We felt it was hurting the overall look and feel of the events, not to mention the photos which end up being marketing materials for us. We decided to get into the lighting business to offer it to clients at a much more reasonable price than some of our competitors. We want to invite NEAWP members to consider Disch Events for their clients lighting and floral needs, as we would love to work more within this fabulous group.



We also want to invite all NEAWP members to our newest adventure, our venue that is opening in the Hill County. The Blue Rock Estate’s grand opening is THIS Sunday, February 23rd from 2-5pm. We have some fabulous vendors participating in the celebration, many of them NEAWP members. Our sponsors include: Primizie Catering, Sweet Treets, Complete Music DJ’s, Jesse Knish Photography, Hill Country Event Rentals, Texas Poker Supply and Musical Discovery Chamber Players. We hope to see each of you there for this exciting celebration of the first ballroom in the hill country. It would mean the world to have your support!

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