NEAWP Vendor Spotlight – Uma Sanghvi

Uma Sanghvi, Studio Uma Photography
NEAWP is proud to brag on one of our very talented photographers, Uma Sanghvi, who recently received an international award from Rangefinder Magazine as one of the top 30 rising star wedding photographers in the world! To see her featured in the magazine, click here and be sure to give her major congrats the next time you see her on her award. Uma, we are incredibly proud of you and honored to have you as one of our members!

Your Name:      Uma Sanghvi

Your Company Name:  Studio Uma

Company Website:

Contact (512) 434-0788

Services Offered:   Wedding Photojournalism, Engagement Sessions, Bridal Sessions, After Sessions, Flush mount albums, Parent albums.
Also, I’ve been known to provide brides Advil as needed and therapy upon request.

Been in Business Since:  2006

What brought you to Austin?  A loved ones job. Also, I love hot weather and creative people. Also, Coolhaus ice cream (Dirty Mint, I’m in love!)

What made you decide to go into the field you are in? In 2005 I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to spend a year on the island of Mauritius (in Africa). At the time I was taking a sabbatical from my job as a photojournalist for a newspaper in Florida.I’ve always been fascinated by rituals and ceremonies, so I spent my Fulbright year doing a photo-documentary project on “Rites of Passage”. Of course weddings are a classic rite of passage, and so I photographed several weddings that year. Mauritius is a culturally diverse place – there’s an Indian, Chinese, Creole, French and Muslim population on this tiny little island.What really struck me was how the emotions you see on a wedding day (from the nervous anticipation of a bride, to the tears of her parents) are pretty much the same everywhere. It doesn’t matter what language or culture you’re talking about.That’s how I fell in love with photographing weddings! So much emotion, color and meaning. It’s a photojournalists dream.

What do you love most about what you do?  A lot! I love being an Austin wedding photographer. This is a particularly creative community, and a lot of my clients are fellow creatives. Plus at any wedding, the air is so thick with emotion – particular love and joy – it’s hard not to soak up the feeling and spirit of that. It’s a good environment for an artist to be inspired and fully creative.Also, I love to imagine how in 50 or 60 years, this young bride and groom giggling in front of me will be sitting on a sofa somewhere – with their grandchildren – looking at the photographs I took on their wedding day. I can just hear these kids saying things like “wow grandpa! You were so YOUNG!” It gives me a lot of joy to think that I play a part in that scene. And in documenting the history of this family.

Can you describe your style?  My photography is creative and unique. Not so much traditional. For most of the wedding day – I am 100% pure photojournalist. I spent a decade shooting for magazines and newspapers, and got a masters degree in photojournalism learning how to capture candid moments and real emotions. So you can always expect to see real, raw, unposed, candid moments from me. These are the brief, fleeting moments that tell the true story of what happened.

When I’m working with a bride and groom during a portrait session however, my style is quite a bit different. I tap into my first love – painting. My portrait style is cinematic and ethereal – and painterly. I love to create photographic portraits that look more like paintings. This is when the romantic in me really comes out!

What are your specialties?  Capturing fleeting moments of emotion – like a tearful moment during the ceremony, or a funny moment on the dance floor. It’s a skill I’ve been working on for 12 years!As a journalist I covered so many different kinds of news events – everything from hurricanes to tsunamis to presidential campaigns to Donald Trump’s New Years Eve parties. And it really hones your ninja instincts. As a journalist, you’re with a different subject every single day, under different lighting conditions. And every day you’ve got to make story-telling images – on deadline – that thousands of people are going to be viewing. That’s my specialty I guess! Telling stories, capturing moments – and doing it under pressure.

Any funny stories from your time in the wedding industry? Yesss… but I’m not sure I should share them on the interwebs…

Is there anything else you would like the NEAWP members to know about you?  My favorite flowers are tulips. I like a nice earthy Cabernet Sauvignon. In related news, my birthday is coming up.Also, I love to collaborate. If you have an idea for a styled shoot you’ve been wanting to do – especially something totally unique or out-of-the-box, let’s talk! You can find me stalking the Coolhaus ice cream truck or at:

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