September Event Olympics

Hi all!!  It’s that time again for:

Austin Event Olympics!!

Start a team, join a team, or come hang out and cheer on the teams!  We have some great activities lined up and AWESOME vendors helping to sponsor and put on a great night.  First we definitely want to thank the following people and companies for all their upcoming hard work to make a great night:

  • VuKa Austin for hosting and letting us take over their space, make sure to thank Caitlin!
  • Hill Country Event Rentals for some fabulous accessories that will make the night spectacular…and you could even join Brooke’s team if you hurry.
  • Our favorite Valet guru Arrington at Uptown Valet is bringing some of his crew in to help with all your cars.
  • DNA Events is bringing in some support staff and helping with the food from Taco Deli!  Their rockstar packages can bring any great Austin food to your event.
  • Texas Pro DJ‘s very own Miles is gonna keep the party going all evening.  I’m sure if you ask nice, he’ll give your team a shout out or play a song for ya :)
  • Bird Dog Wedding is designing some great stuff to help get you around the space and to all your events to compete!  Thanks Emily
  • And we can’t forget about Dessert….Pink Berry in Westlake & Hey Cupcake! will have that covered with some fantastic treats to cool off!

Every year, this meeting is a chance for us all in the event industry to come together for a little friendly competition and trash-talking.  All the mean while, proceeds this year are going to create a scholarship in NEAWP’s name to the Austin School for Performing and Visual Arts.  A great local institution keeping dreams and arts alive in our youth.  We can’t wait to make a students year with this scholarship!!



Wednesday September 4th, 2013 from 6p-9:30p – Click here to register


$25/per person.  Team entries can also be made…you have to have 6-8 people on a team.  When you RSVP, please let us know what team you are on (or your team captain).  If you don’t have a team, let us know and we will place you.


This map will give you the 411 on parking in the area.  Uptown Valet is providing shuttle service from the Texas School for Deaf on Elizabeth St. one block south.  This is going to be your best option, his team will be read and waiting (don’t forget to high five them!)


OK, OK…here’s a break down of the games for the night.

  • Water Balloon Toss…someone’s getting wet
  • Flip Cup…remember college days?
  • Jenga, not your little sisters version
  • Guess what’s in the bag…are you good at feeling around?
  • Memory!  Did you already forget what the first sentence of this blog post was?
  • Rely Race…are you ready to run for gold?
  • Dance Contest, our classic
  • …..could there be a bonus round???


Make sure you have a team captain. Feel free to get creative on your team look and team name. When you are RSVP’ing, please let us know what team you are on (your captain name is fine) or if you are the captain. Each team will have a holding spot inside VuKa Austin for belongings and regrouping. Please note we will be running around inside and outside, so dress appropriately.


Some of you may not want to get down and dirty, which doesn’t mean you can’t come! We are always in need of a good push from a friend and colleague, so come out and cheer us on!

You don’t want to miss out on a fantastic night with your fellow event industry peeps! We are looking forward to seeing you all out. If you have any additional questions, please contact

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