August Advertising Panel Recap: Austin Wedding Day Style

1. What you offer with regards to print/online advertising?

We offer multiple advertising options to each of our vendors

Austin Wedding Day Style is an annual magazine that is sold on 100 different news stands including HEB, Barns & Noble locations in the Austin Area.  We also give the magazine out for free at local jewelry stores, bridal salons, local restaurants and bridal registry areas at Dillard’s, Macy’s, in all the malls as well as many other locations.  In addition to our Magazine we have a Website, Magazine App, Online Magazine, social media pages and blog.

When you purchase a print ad with us the following on our website:

- Profile Page- This includes a bio paragraph, featured photo, all of your contact information and a direct link to your website and all social media pages.

- Photo Gallery- A tab will appear on your profile page where the brides can view a gallery of your photos.  They can click on the images to make them larger.

- Map of your location.

Additional Online Services:

- Online ads- feature your business throughout all of the pages of our website.  You can choose between a static and animated ad.  Your ad will be created in both sizes: 728×90 and 300×250

- Online product video

- 360 Virtual Tour

- Email Marketing Campaign

- Pricing and Information Pamphlet

- Online Music & voice scripting Sound tracks

2. What are your policies (i.e. do you need to do print and online advertising)?

We offer multiple advertising options catered to each individual business.  We offer both print and online advertising options.

3. when your deadlines are? when do your items get published?

Austin Wedding Day Style Magazine is an annual publication that is published in January every year.  Our deadline to be a part of the next year’s magazine is November 15th

4. What specials do you offer (annual? bi annual? internet? show? blog?)?

We offer added value to all of our clients through posting on our social media pages, added value features in the magazine(see next question) as well as blog features and event features on our website.

5. how does a vendor get featured in your publication?

In order to be featured in our magazine you must purchase a ½ page ad or larger and fall into the following featured categories:

- Cakes

- Wedding Planning

- Rehearsal Dinners

- Flowers

- Table décor & design

- Bridal fashions

A full page ad receives a double page feature, 2/3 or ½ page receives a full page feature.

All wedding planners have the opportunity to do their own styled shoot to be featured in the magazine.  The planner must coordinate all aspects of the shoot with the theme being approved by Austin Wedding Day Style.

6. do you offer payment plans? If yes, what are they?

Magazine Ads are paid before we go to print and payment plans are tailored to individual needs.

7. do you offer graphic artists services to help with ad placement? what are your requirements with regards to the ad design?

Graphic Design is included in all ads and is optional.  We are also can work with you on your brand by creating logos and slogans for your business.

If you have your own graphic designer we allow that as well.  Due to the high quality print production of our magazine we have very specific ad requirements they can all be found in our media kit.

8. what social media forums do you use? how does a vendor get featured in those forums?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. All of our Advertisers have the opportunity to be featured for open houses, events and other happenings that they have going on.

9. do you do shows? if yes, when are they and do you have to be an advertiser? what does a vendor gain from participating in your show? what are the requirements?

At this time we do not do wedding shows.  We help venues and other vendors in support of their open houses.  Our company has two customer appreciation parties per year, one in January to launch the publication of the new magazine and one in the Summer to relax and mingle with friends in the industry.

10. what makes your company unique? why should money be spent with you?

We are the only local wedding magazine that is sold on the news stands.  We also offer a complete marketing program with a qualified lead list to each of our magazine advertisers that includes Name, Address, Phone numbers and email addresses.

11. what is the biggest value you provide to your advertisers?

85% of your marketing battle is finding a qualified targeted leads list.  We provide a qualified targeted lead list of brides to all of our magazine advertisers.  We also offer the leads in one of our online only packages.  The rest of your marketing battle is following up with the leads which is where you step in.  We help you guide these brides to your door to set an appointment with you give you the chance to show them your value.

12. what are the incentives for being a repeat advertiser?

Brides have a three year planning cycle.  To really benefit from the planning process signing a three year contract with us helps you reach the brides and show a reflection of this in your business.  By signing a 3 year contract with us you receive the following:

- Discount off of each year(dollar amount depends on the size of the ad)

- A static 300×250 ad running throughout the website

- You lock in the rate for all 3 years.

13. what opportunities do you provide to vendors ? (ie photo shoot design, sponsor/participate in an open house or launch party?)

Our advertisers all have the opportunity to come to our launch party in January as well as our Customer Appreciation party in the summer.  We rotate who will be helping with design and décor for each event amongst our advertisers.  We also promote all of our vendors open houses or special events on our blog, events page and all our social media pages.

For more questions and information on Austin Wedding Day Style please Contact:

Alaina Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Call or Text: 512-574-8808

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