August Advertising Panel Recap: Texas Wedding


1. What do you offer with regards to print/online advertising?, Austin Bride Magazine, and Corporate Event Planning Guide; also various Venue Brochures.

2. What are your policies (ie do you need to do print and online advertising)?

Clients can choose to do exclusively online advertising or print advertising that is accompanied by an online ad.

3. When are your deadlines? When do your items get published?

We publish Austin Bride Magazine as much as once a quarter, so there’s always an opportunity just around the corner to jump in!

4. What specials do you offer (annual? bi annual? internet? show? blog?)?

5% discount for annual payment; competitive rates year round

5. How does a vendor get featured in your publication?

Advertise and just ask!

6. Do you offer payment plans? If yes, what are they?

Yes- we offer many flexible payment plans depending on what the vendor’s individual needs are, but typically vendors pay monthly.

7. Do you offer graphic artists services to help with ad placement? what are your requirements with regards to the ad design?

We offer ad design included with all advertising purchases. Ad spec details are available on our web site at

8. What social media forums do you use? how does a vendor get featured in those forums?

We use and primarily. Advertisers that offer special promotions or ideas are more likely to be featured.

9. Do you do shows?  If yes, when are they and do you have to be an advertiser? What does a vendor gain from participating in your show? What are the requirements?

We produce at least two large Bridal Expos annually that give exhibitors the opportunity to interact with several hundred brides and about 90 other Austin wedding businesses in one day. Our next events will be Sun, Nov, 10, 2013 at the Austin Convention Center and Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at the Cedar Park Center. More information can be found online at

10. What makes your company unique? Why should money be spent with you? has been in Austin for nearly 15 years and has helped many local wedding businesses grow and prosper in that time. We offer unique, effective products that are offered at an affordable price and greatly value customer service. We would enjoy the opportunity to learn about your unique business’ needs and offer suggestions as to how we can help grow your business!

11. What is the biggest value you provide to your advertisers?

Our biggest value are several unique products that are offered by that are not offered by other promotional companies. We also provide a good value to our advertisers and have a state wide presence.

12. What are the incentives for being a repeat advertiser?

Typically the best incentive is better ad or booth location placement and price-locking. Continuity of advertising also helps to keep our clients established in the Austin Wedding Market.

13. What opportunities do you provide to vendors ? (ie photo shoot design, sponsor/participate in an open house or launch party?)

We are eager to work with your business to help grow your exposure not only with brides, but also other wedding professionals. We will do whatever it takes to help you put your best image forward in Austin.

For more information please contact Rachel Cloud at 800-693-6255 ext 2 or by email at:

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