Google Fiber in Austin Texas!

Google Fiber is coming to Austin Texas

Google Fiber: Thank You, Austin


Well it’s great that Google Fiber is coming to Austin, but what does that really mean for the individual, business, and consumer?  There’s quite a bit, and it’s not just Internet, but TV and storage capacities as well.  The last great shift in Internet was broadband, and as an average across the country, you currently get 6mbps upload/1mbps download.  Once Google Fiber hits, expect 1gig speeds upload/download, so think of the possibilities that could come from this.

Official Announcement:

The announcement came on Tuesday April 9th, 2013 at Brazos Hall and Mayor Lee Leffingwell took to the podium to make the official announcement.  There was certainly energy and buzz around the whole event.  Here is one of the YouTube videos that was created- Google Fiber is coming to Austin, Texas.  You can also take a look at my Twitter Feed (@jasonfreshly) of what was talked about at the Town Hall meeting I attended.  Yes you’ll have to scroll down some :), and also follow to hear more as things progress in Austin!  Also follow #fiberatx for information.


Infrastructure & Network:

This infrastructure is being built from the ground up, so it’s going to be MID-2014 till people & ‘fiber-hoods’ get connected.  Does this mean construction, yes.  But Google Fiber uses existing utility poles and underground conduits that are already in place.  Keep in mind if you are building new or fixing roads City of Austin, make sure there are conduits and room for Google Fiber to come in (making all our lives easier)!  Then, Fiber supplies the hardware (so just like your current provider).

What’s provided:

Well the final details are still being flushed out, but expect it to look just like what Kansas City has (prices subject to change).  Offerings are:

  • 1gig internet speeds (hardwired to the network), otherwise wireless limitations are subject to the computers/technology you are using.
  • TV Service.  All the channels you would expect (and with Austin…the Longhorn Network!).  Record 8 shows at once.  2TB of DVR storage (500 HD hours)!
  • Option 3:  Free basic Fiber service for up to 7 years, just pay a one-time connection fee.  This then stays with the property (and not travels with you).
What’s Next/Where to look:
Now that the announcement is out of the way, funny how AT&T and Time Warner both announced the same day they want to get into the fiber network business.  So let the competition begin here in Austin!  The Economist had their “We’re not (just) in Kansas anymore“.  CNN talks about “5 reasons you want Google Fiber in your city“.  And of course, the Blogspot of Google Fiber to keep up with news and look back to see some more about how Kansas City is doing.

This (along with so much more) is why Austin is just so great and I’m glad I live here!



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