NECI Spring Certification Course

Looking to grow professionally?  Looking for a career change?  Have you been looking into certifications or continuing education already?

NECI is a professional wedding consultant course that provides tools and materials which are an amazing resource if you are starting out, need a few tricks, or want to improve your current practices. We are having our 2-day course this April 20-21 in Austin Texas at the Sheraton Downtown Austin Hotel.

Our intensive 2-day course will not be just reading from a manual, but instead looking at real life examples and solutions making the material interactive (and yes we will feed you!). Gain valuable knowledge about the industry from instructors, the manual, and your peers in this roundtable setting.

Included in the course will also be a 1 year membership into NEAWP. Get out and start networking with fellow industry professionals and keep up on the latest industry topics. If you have already taken the course, feel free to enroll an employee! This course will allow your employee to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and they will be able to make you some money.


Nuptial Essentials is the most modern, comprehensive, supportive, legitimate wedding consultant training program available today. Nuptial Essentials is the only wedding consultant school to have earned a license as a vocational school from the state of Texas. We want you to become the best wedding consultant you can possibly be. We can give you the tools you need to succeed with today’s brides.

Course Fee:  $895.- *ask about early registration discounts that was in this email! (Includes meals, materials, and parking)
 Saturday April 20th – Sunday April 21st from 8a-8p both days

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To register now, Click here and sign-up!

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