NEAWP Member Spotlight: Belle’s Ball

NEAWP Member Spotlight: Belle’s Ball

Your Name: 

Melissa Fournier Ligeza

Your Company Name: 

Belle’s Ball Special Event Hair & Makeup 

Services Offered:
Event Hair and Makeup

Production Hair and Makeup

Workshops for everyday hair tips as well as tips for updos; products and using your products and makeup techniques

Been in Business Since:  

Since 2002 – Originally in New Jersey/NYC and in Austin since 2008

Melissa moved to Austin in 2008 from the northeast for the arts and amazing weather.

When Melissa was 5 she already knew her passions in life.  Her mom was a painter and was always told to, “Go paint,” if she was bored or needed something to do.  She has always loved colors, painting and working with her hands.  She says when she looks around and is working, her mind is always seeing shapes, balances and lines all day long.  Those talents brought her into hair and makeup very early on and she’s been doing it ever since.

Melissa loves making people happy and beautiful.  “It’s an amazing feeling to know that my clients are getting what they want and feeling fulfilled,” Melissa told me.  That’s why she does what she does.  Her style is Romantic.  She loves to keep it timeless and elegant.

Her specialties are her eye for styling and her knowledge of products and their uses as well as the ability to control different hair types.  She loves to teach and is always giving mini-lessons to her clients to help them reach their beauty needs.

One of Melissa’s more memorable moments: Her one and only bridezilla.  The bride and her mother were both special and required more patience than most.  The mother of the bride was more worried about her hair than the bride and required two separate hair trials because she didn’t like the ‘flow’ of the first trial.  On the day of the wedding, the bride required the entire wedding party to, “GET OUT,” while she was having her hair and makeup done.  “It was a different wedding day than what I usually experience,” Melissa said.

Is there anything else you would like the NEAWP members to know about you?

Melissa also does in house and office organizing.  During the weeks, she restores furniture, styles sets and does production hair and styling. Her eye for design is great for all types of projects.



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