NEAWP Member Spotlight: Andy Sams

Name:  Andy Sams

Company Name:  Andy Sams Photography

Wedding Photography, event coverage, acting and business head shots, food and product photography

I’ve been working as a full time photographer for 8 years. I got my start working for a busy, high-end photography studio in the Southeastern United States.

What brought you to Austin?  The warm weather, even warmer vibes, the spicy food and the opportunity to pursue a new business venture in a bustling location.

What made you decide to go into the field you are in?  I have always been involved in the arts. As a kid I took art classes, later I composed and recorded music in a nationally touring band called the Distorted Penguins. I studied Art History in College at a small liberal arts school in Ohio…basically, I’ve always done something in the artistic sphere. That progression somehow naturally steered me toward photography and I’m so happy to be on this adventure!

What do you love most about what you do?  

Gee whiz, tough question. There are many things that I love about my profession. I guess If I had to say one thing, I’d say my favorite part of being a photographer is interacting with clients. Each project is a new challenge that I am able to collaborate on with a new partner(s). It’s amazing being able to create something completely unique and observe peoples’ positive reactions afterwards.

Can you describe your style?

The tagline for my business is “Seriously playful images: your personality, your day”.  I do improv comedy on the side for fun. It’s really helped me hone my “ice breaking” skills. I can’t tell you how many times just cracking a little well placed one liner joke has completely greased the wheels for getting through family formal photos (the most stressful and dreaded part of wedding photography, if you hadn’t heard). If you can make people laugh, they’re immediately on your side. It’s not all silly nilly willy stuff though. I also have a romantic/artistic quality to my shots. Please feel free to glance through my blog to see what I mean.

What are your specialties?   

I specialize in bringing my subject’s personality to the surface in the photos I take. That kind of goes along with the “your personality, your day” thing. When I’m working with a bride and groom I really try to get a sense of what kind of people they are, how they interact and what sort of photos they’ll want. I stick to my style but slightly amend what I do on their wedding day to mold toward their inclinations. My goal is for the photos to look natural and as candid as possible. I want Aunt June to look at the photos and say, “Wow, that’s the bride’s true smile,” or, “The groom laughs just like that.”

Any funny stories from your time in the wedding industry?

Ask me in person sometime about the time the bride got in a fist fight with her mom right before the ceremony, or the one where the tuxes got lost in the mail, or the crutches bride who stole the golf cart… this ain’t my first rodeo….  I’ve got plenty of stories.

Is there anything else you would like the NEAWP members to know about you? 

I love being playful, brainstorming, pickup games of soccer, day dreaming, frisbee golf, travel (especially Spanish speaking countries), Daily show/Colbert, seeking out new finds at the farmer’s market to cook up. I could look at maps all day. Google earth is the bomb diggity. On paper, I’m probably a hipster but, I assure you I’m the good kind. I’m happy to be a contributing member of NEAWP. Please chat me up next time you see me!

Welcome to NEAWP Andy!  We’re glad to have you!

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