March NEAWP Meeting

Dates: 02/25/2013 Dates: 02/25/2013

2nd Annual Shameless Plug Meeting

It time for the 2nd Annual Shameless Plug Meeting happening on Wednesday March 6th, 2013!  Remember last year’s cartwheel down the aisle of Uncle Billy’s on Lake Travis? Who will out do that this year?

We are headed to NXNW Brewery for lunch starting at 11:00 a.m.

Special thanks to Just ‘in Roses, Premiere Party Central, & Michelle’s Patisserie as well!  We certainly love all the support of our sponsors each and every month.

Plan of attack for the day:

  • 11am-11:20am (Networking & Mingling).
  • 11:20a-11:30a (News & Announcements).
  • 11:30a-12:45p (Let the Shameless Plugs commence!).
  • 12:50p-1p (Grab a business card from someone you want to know more about).

What is the 2nd Annual Shameless Plug meeting?

We turn the meeting over to you, our members and Wedding/Event professionals here in Austin.  You get to talk about yourself and your business to all of us in attendance at the meeting.

Everyone gets at least 1 minute to say what they want!  Practice your 60 seconds!  If you go over the air horn blows; we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.

This is a great chance to not only get your name and business in front of some awesome professionals, but for them to learn about you!

Yes, this mean you have to speak in front of everyone!  It’s not meant to be torture.  You talk to your clients, staff, family and friends all the time!  This is no different.   And we are all common ground.

If this pep-talk isn’t enough, here’s 10 Zen Ways to review before getting on the stage March 6th!  Don’t be afraid to make notes and bring them with you.

Your shameless plug doesn’t have to be all business or all personal.

Mix it up.  Networking is about getting to know you.  The more memorable you are, the better the chance everyone will remember you when it counts.  Here’s a little “3 Ways” article to get you ready for the meeting.

Alright now you should be ready and excited for a great meeting!  We will see you on Wednesday March 6th, 2013 @ 11am at NXNW Brewery.

Don’t forget your business cards!


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